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The mission of Pearls of Africa Children’s Fund is to reach some of the most vulnerable and endangered children in Uganda by providing a safe, familial home, an education, necessary health services and above all, the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy in a caring and warm environment.
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Our Story


In Northern Uganda, more than half the children are living in desperate circumstances due to the decimation of the adult population in a 30-year civil war and the high rate of HIV/AIDS infection. There are many children who can’t go to school because they lack basic materials, like books, pens and pencils. Many girls drop out of school due to lack of sanitary napkins. Many old and poor grandparents are left with the burden of taking care of several of their orphaned grandchildren.

Kirangi Rosette, moved by compassion for the hundreds of suffering children living around her own community, founded Pearls of Africa Children’s Home in 2006 so that the hope, expectations and aspirations of these children would be restored.

“In 2004, after I had attended several funerals of people who had succumbed to AIDS, I had the thought of starting a children’s home to help these desperate children. In 2006 I met Ken Goyer, the founder of Aid Africa, with whom I shared this burden. Supported by Ken and the generosity of Aid Africa, I started the Pearls Children’s home in June 2006. It is registered with the Directorate of Gender and Community service, Jinja District. After the passing of Ken in 2010, we have been supported by many of his generous friends.”

Today, 29 children live in Kirangi’s group home, where they are loved, cared for, and educated.

Pearls of Africa Children’s Fund was incorporated in the U.S in 2015, in order to formalize the process of raising funds to support the children living in Pearls of Africa Children’s Home in Jinja. Our headquarters are in Southern California. There is much work to do and we welcome donors and volunteers from anywhere around the world.

Kirangi, Rosette

Rosette, Founder of Pearls Children’s Home

A Message from Rosette, Founder of Pearls of Africa Children’s Home

Letter from Rosette

I can’t thank you enough for giving these children/girls a better future. Surely without your support they would have been already married off and living under very harsh conditions.

I would like to say something more about this subject of child marriages. It cuts across countries, cultures and religions. In Uganda it is being fueled by poverty and cultural norms. It is perceived as economic gain if they marry off a young girl and get a bride price. It is also a blessing for they have one mouth less to feed.

Such girls are often disempowered, dependent on their husbands, deprived of their rights to health, education and safety. They are nether physically or emotionally ready to become wives or mothers. This puts them at a greater risk of becoming infected with HIV/AIDS and suffering domestic violence.

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We’re easy to find.  We’re at the source of the Nile River!  We’ll give you specific directions and gps coordinates to help you find us. 
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