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Our Home

Pearls Children’s Home provides a warm and caring environment for children who have never known the comfort and predictability of a regular home life.  Many came here from places where they were neglected.  At Pearls Children’s Home the children have a regular schedule, chores where they learn accountability, homework where the learn to receive help and to help others.  And of course the joy of play!

Our Needs

Please consider a monthly donation. A recurring donation helps us plan our budget!
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Just $125/month provides a child with everything he or she needs.  Food, clothing, lodging, school fees.

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$75/month covers home upkeep, bedding, medical care.

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$40 feeds a child for an entire month

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$10 covers school fees for a month.

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A dollar goes a long way in Uganda.  Any amount, especially if made monthly, is invaluable.