Graduates in 2019

Sarah Adikini

Sarah Adikini

Sarah has graduated with a certificate in cosmetology.  She hopes to open her own salon.

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Angela Kisakye

Angela Kisakye

Angela now has a diploma in hotel management and catering.  She wants to attend the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism so that she can become a tutor in the same discipline.

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Susan Nabwire

Suzan Nabwire

Suzan has graduated with a certificate in catering and housekeeping and hopes to start her own bakery.

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Graduates from 2018

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Barbra’s father was forcing her to get married at an early age of 14 years claiming he had no money to educate her. Marrying off Barbra would earn him a bride price and that would mean one mouth less to feed in his poor homestead.

Barbra didn’t like the idea so she ran away from her home village to Town in search of any odd job. She got a job as a housemaid with a large extended family. There she was being mistreated so she came to Rosette asking for the same job. Rosette took her on, but after 3 months she realized Barbra was too young to manage 20 other children.

They decided Barbra should go back to school and take a vocational course. She got a placement with Nile Vocational Institute and took a course in cosmetology. Barbra has graduated and works as a tutor with Father Bodewig Vocational Insititute. She got married to a young man who is a clinical officer and together they have a lovely baby girl, Sheila.

Barbra with husband and baby
Claire Naula

Claire Naula

Claire lived with a sick, drunken and abusive father. Many nights he would come home drunk and beat her or harass her which forced her many times to spend nights at the neighbors or even outside.

The community and local council leaders, concerned about her situation, approached Pearls Children’s Home to help. We took Claire in and she has graduated in textile technology from Nile Vocational Institute.

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