Aseri’s mother asked a market vendor to look after the girl for a few minutes while she ran an errand.

Her mother never returned.

At 7 years old, Aseri was left alone in a crowded market among strangers.

Taken in by Pearls of Africa Children’s Home, Aseri is thriving.  She is surrounded by others like her in a loving, family home.

Aseri's Story

An Orphan’s Redemption in Uganda

Aseri’s Story – An Orphan’s Redemption in Uganda

Pearls of Africa Children’s Home in Jinja, Uganda

A loving home for disadvantaged and vulnerable children

Just $125 a month provides a child with everything he or she needs – food, lodging, clothing and school fees.  

Our Home

Kirangi Rosette, moved by compassion for the hundreds of suffering children living around her own community, founded Pearls of Africa Children’s Home in 2006. 

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We take our tiny “pearls” of children and cover their hurt, abandonment and pain with love, community and acceptance.


Angela has a diploma in catering from Father Bodewig Vocational School, Prossy Nangobi will graduate soon with a diploma in Business Administration.